Plain Pizza

Whole wheat is available for the same price in 10″, 12″ and 18″ Pizzas.

Personal 10″ Pizza $9.91

Medium 12″ Pizza $12.26

Extra Large 18″ Pizza $17.45

Deep Dish 7″ Pan Pizza $7.50

Deep Dish 12″ Pan Pizza $14.15

Deep Dish 16″ Pan Pizza $18.87

By the Slice $2.36

Low Carb 12″ Pizza $11.79

10″ Gluten Free $12.26

Chicago Stuffed Crust

A layer of dough with cheese and two free toppings covered with another layer of dough and then sauce and cheese.

Whole wheat available for the same price.

10 inch: $15.00

12 inch: $17.50

18 inch: $25.00

Veggie Delight

Includes our homemade sauce and cheese, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, tomatoes and fresh garlic.

Personal 10″ Pizza $15.00

Medium 12″ Pizza $17.50

Extra Large 18″ Pizza $25.00


Specialty Pizzas

Whole wheat available for the same price.

Personal 10″ Pizza $12.26

Medium 12″ Pizza $15.09

Extra Large 18″ Pizza $21.93

Deep Dish 7″ Pan Pizza $8.25

Deep Dish 12″ Pan Pizza $17.45

Deep Dish 16″ Pan Pizza $23.11

10″ Gluten Free $15.09

Slice $3.56 (when available)


Includes eggplant mixed in our homemade sauce and topped with cheese and falafel.


Eggs and cheese in place of tomato sauce with choice of two toppings.


If you life it hot, this is for you! Includes our homemade sace and cheese, jalapeno peppers, fresh red peppers and fresh garlic.


Cheeseless and lactose free, includes our homemade sauce, onions, tomatoes, fresh garlic, spinach and mushrooms.


A secret blend of cheeses and spices with NO tomato sauce.


Our homemade sauce topped with fresh red and green peppers and pineapple.


Our homemade sauce and cheese topped with green and black olives, tomatoes and Feta cheese.

Sandwiches and Pita

Tuna Melt Sub $7.60

Tuna Sub $7.95

Tuna Salad Platter $10.14

Large Salad with 3 scoops of tuna

Falafel $7.95

Wraps $7.95

Options: Tuna, Breaded Tilapia, Salad, Israeli wrap

Fish Pita $7.95

Fish and Chips $7.55

Fish Sub $7.95

Panini $10.00

Options: Tuna Melt, Eggplant Parm, and Veggie

Scoop of Tuna $1.25

Everything Else

Lasagna $6.25

Baked Ziti $6.25

Macaroni & Cheese $6.25

Stuffed Shells $6.25

Eggplant Parmesan $6.25

Pizza Stix $4.75

Cheese Pretzel $6.75

Calzones $10 (also available in whole wheat)

Our 12 inch, made-to-order calzone with 2 toppings of your choice

Garden Salad $5.50 (sm), $7.50 (lg)

Greek Salad $7.50 (sm), $9.50 (lg)

Caesar $6.50 (sm), $8.50 (lg)

Make-Your-Own Salad $6.50 (sm), $8.50 (lg)

French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, or Onion Rings $3.25 (sm), $6.00 (lg)

Garlic Knots $1.99 for 3, $6.99 for 12

Soup $4.00 (sm), $5.25 (lg)

Desserts & Drinks

Ice Cream

Cone $3.25

Small cup $1.25

Medium cup $3.50

Large cup $4.50

Toppings $0.50

Waffle cone $0.50


Small $3.54

Large $4.48

Funnel Fries

Cinnamon or powdered sugar $4.00


Small $1.50

Medium $2.00

Large $2.75

Bottle $2.25

Brewed Coffee



All specials come with a small drink, except where noted.

Double Delight $5.19 2 slices
Pizza, Pizza, Pizza $11.32 10″ pie OR 7″ deep dish, small fries or rings
Kid’s Meal $4.48 2 kid’s slices, kid’s fries
Family Special $29.99 20″ pie, large fries or rings, 1 large funnel bites, 4 small drinks
Dieter’s Combo $9.99 Small soup, garden salad with a scoop of tuna
Fisherman’s Delight $11.99 Fish (baked or fried) or tuna fish on a sub, small fries or rings
Pasta Lover’s Combo $8.99 Any pasta dish, 3 garlic knots
A Taste of Israel $11.99 Pita, 6 falafel balls, Israeli salad, techina and hummus, small fries or rings
The Hungry Man $19.99 12″ pie OR 7″ deep dish with 2 toppings, small fries or rings, medium ice cream, large soda
Just Desserts $13.99 Funnel bites, 2 medium ice creams with sprinkles, 2 hot cocoas (small drink not included)